Thursday, 6 August 2015

I'm currently on my summer holidays (There has been little amount of sunshine might I add). 
So I've been spending a lot of time inside...I have plenty of work to do before college starts but I am procrastinating at the moment, mainly cause I'm pretty stuck on what to doSo I've decided  that I need to engage with what inspires me a little more, as my creative side has became a little dull recently. (I'm assuming many people sometimes feel the same, so perhaps I can help get the creative juices flowing again by using this blog) Yesterday I kind of regained the creative energy by looking at peoples work which I was thankful for, then I had too many ideas and no clue where to start, but I've decided to take this in a positive way, I still have plenty of time to figure things out. (Sometimes you just need to take some time to yourself to regain who you are again).

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