Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Here's my advice

Is this even helpful?

Okay the point I'm making is that sometimes even the simplest things can become a burden to think of or say, and I think me personally I forget how to function as a human being but I've came to the realisation that this is a common thing in most people; yes we have our light bulb moments and it feels really great but other times we're placed on auto pilot simply going through life. 

I'm a seventeen year old amongst many other seventeen year old's, however I feel that at this age we have decided to keep everything inside of us as we think we're capable of being independent and we want to grab life by the reigns becoming the responsible adults that we are capable of being, but I want you to take a brief moment and think about the family you have, the friends that provide you with laughter and what makes you happy...if you say nothing bloody hell you are cynical and if you are feeling down about grades or personal reasons like a relationship, family issues that these problems don't define you, well only if you don't let them. Most of us have a reason to cry and that's okay, what's wrong with crying? it's obviously pretty normal considering tear ducts are a thing, but being a little bitch about it ain't going to help no one and sometimes the most important someone is you personally, you need to help yourself, you need to change and I don't mean read this post feel slightly better then go back to your lifestyle forgetting everything I said, you have a reason to exist, heck as if I know what that reason is but prove to me that you can and you will find it.

I'm not entirely sure why I am writing this, I just wish someone provided me with this information because I know what it feels like to feel as if the world would be better if you wasn't there however let's picture a book shelf this book shelf has a series this series has 4 books that complete it, however even though neatly placed, the numbers visible but book 3 is missing, that's frustrating I want to see book 3 alongside book 1,2 and 4 and without it there we know it's suppose to be there, that well there's a story missing. Basically you are needed to fulfil something it may be small like fulfilling a chair you enjoy sitting on, but that's important.

You have much more control over who you are now and becoming a better version of who you could be in the future.Not looks wise, we all age and become old bags, so that doesn't matter. That big beautiful noggin' of yours is the real deal though. 

My granddad's quote "Never worry, until worry,worries you"  I'm not fully sure what that means but it calms me down nevertheless. 

Friendly blogger, Wisp. 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

I'm currently on my summer holidays (There has been little amount of sunshine might I add). 
So I've been spending a lot of time inside...I have plenty of work to do before college starts but I am procrastinating at the moment, mainly cause I'm pretty stuck on what to doSo I've decided  that I need to engage with what inspires me a little more, as my creative side has became a little dull recently. (I'm assuming many people sometimes feel the same, so perhaps I can help get the creative juices flowing again by using this blog) Yesterday I kind of regained the creative energy by looking at peoples work which I was thankful for, then I had too many ideas and no clue where to start, but I've decided to take this in a positive way, I still have plenty of time to figure things out. (Sometimes you just need to take some time to yourself to regain who you are again).